What Are The Four Types Of Patio Furniture Sets?

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When you shop for patio furniture, you could just shop and see what furniture piques your interest, or you can shop for furniture with a specific use in mind. While every store varies, you will typically find patio furniture separated into four different categories. 

The four types of patio furniture generally point to the most common use of the furniture, although you can use the furniture in multiple ways. Learn about the four types of patio furniture sets and how each type can transform the way you use your backyard and patio area.

1. Patio Conversation Sets

A majority of patio furniture sets include patio conversation sets. The furniture allows you and your guests to sit outside, relax, and enjoy the company of each other. The sets typically include cushioned chairs. The sets may include individual chairs along with longer loveseat-style chairs.

An outdoor coffee table provides the center focal point of the set and is ideal for snacks, drinks, or other items like books. The sets may come with four or more seating options. Some of the larger or deeper chairs may include cushioned armrests or throw pillows for additional comfort.

2. Patio Dining Sets

If you like to eat outside more, then consider a patio dining set. A dining set includes comfortable chairs and a table high enough for eating comfortably and setting a plate down. You could choose a set with a long table, ideal for serving platters and bowls of food. The sets may also include an umbrella or shade to protect the food and table from inclement weather or debris. In many cases, the patio chairs can slide right under the table to save a little extra space on your deck when the table is not in use.

3. Patio Bistro Sets

If you do not have a big household or a lot of company over, then you may want to consider a patio bistro set. The smaller dining sets replicate outdoor furniture used at diners and coffee shops. A typical set will include two to three small chairs with a shared circular table in the center of the chairs. A bistro set includes a nice small area to eat at or enjoy a morning coffee.

4. Patio Bar Dining Sets

If you want higher seating, then consider a patio bar dining set. The set will typically include a tall table with built-in leg rests and four chairs, with one chair placed on each side of the table. The taller design offers a more casual atmosphere and an easy way to enjoy a variety of foods and drinks. The patio bar dining set also provides an ideal area to play board games or cards.

When you shop for patio furniture, you can now use specific examples to find exactly what you're looking for.

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