Three Popular Ottoman Materials

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When you're shopping for furniture to add to your living room, an ottoman will often be on your list. This is a relatively simple piece of furniture that you and your family will use in a variety of ways. In addition to offering a comfortable place to rest your legs and feet, an ottoman can also double as a seat when your living room is crowded. A local furniture store will carry a variety of ottomans in several sizes and shapes. You'll need to decide what will suit the look of your living room, while also considering what material you prefer. Here are three materials that are popular on ottomans.


It's common to see a selection of velvet-covered ottomans when you browse the ottoman section at your local furniture store. Visually, this material is soft and has a cozy look, which can be ideal in many living rooms. Velvet ottomans are available in an extremely broad array of colors. You'll find vibrant hues such as green and red, as well as muted colors such as gray and off-white. If you like velvet as a material, you'll have no trouble finding an ottoman in a color that matches your other living room furniture and complements the overall color schemes in this part of your home.

Leather/Faux Leather

Another material that is popular on ottomans is leather — with faux leather also being a similar-looking option for those who don't like using animal products in their homes. Leather and faux leather ottomans have a smooth finish, which some people will enjoy. They also hold up well to regular wear and are easy to clean if someone spills food on them. You might favor one of these materials if you have leather or faux leather sofas or chairs in your living room.


If you're looking for an ottoman that will work in a living room that has a rustic vibe, you might wish to consider something that is covered in denim. You'll find all sorts of these ottomans on the market. Denim in various shades of blue is popular, but you should also expect to encounter gray and black denim. There's a good chance that you don't have any other denim furniture in your home, so choosing an ottoman with this material can offer a unique vibe that works well. Visit your local furniture store to browse its selection of ottomans with these and other materials.

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