3 Unique Coffee Table Tops

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When you picture a coffee table, there's a good chance that you might think of a piece of furniture that has a wooden top, a glass top, or a metal top. These three materials are exceedingly common for coffee tables, but they're not the only options that you'll find. If you're interested in buying a coffee table that has a unique material for its top, visit a furniture store that carries a large selection of these tables. You may find each of the following options, one or more of which may be a good fit in your living room.


There are lots of coffee tables on the market that have quartz tops, which can be a stylish addition to any living room. This is a high-end material that can augment the look of a formal living room. Quartz is a natural stone that is available in all sorts of different colors, so you'll be able to browse a few options to find a color scheme that works well with your other furniture and overall decor. The glossy finish of quartz on your coffee table can be particularly appealing in a living room that gets a lot of natural light, as you'll get to enjoy the sparkle from this surface.


Rattan is a vine-like product that is popular in several different types of furniture. There's a good chance that you've seen rattan chairs in the past, for example. You can often find coffee tables that have rattan tops, which can be a good choice if you want this piece of furniture to have a rustic and natural appearance. A big advantage of this material is that it's lightweight. If you're the type of person who moves your furniture around when you vacuum or you plan to occasionally use your coffee table in different areas, you'll enjoy rattan.


You'll also see coffee tables that feature acrylic tops, which can offer a completely different look in your living room. While these designs can vary, they often have a casual and modern style that can suit certain spaces. The acrylic will often be clear, which offers a glass-like look, but you'll also find coffee tables with colored acrylic tops. A big advantage of this material is its durable nature, which can be handy if you have children. Visit a furniture store to shop for a coffee table with one of these top materials.

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