4 Furniture Pieces To Prioritize When Furnishing An Oversized Living Room

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When you move into a place with a huge living room, you may not know whether your existing furniture will work well for the space. When your existing furniture is too small, you can go furniture shopping for new pieces that will fit better into the oversized space. An excellent plan is to prioritize several furniture pieces you know can take up most of the living room.

Entertainment Center

While it depends on what furniture you find, you may be able to dedicate most of an entire wall to an entertainment center. A basic model will have a bit of dedicated storage and room for a small television. However, you can find oversized entertainment centers with many cabinets, drawers, and shelves and an oversized opening in the middle to fit a huge television.

When your living room has a tall or vaulted ceiling, you can opt for furniture with ample storage above the television. You can even find entertainment centers with a solid top that allows you to display things such as plants, photos, statues, and other standing decorations.

Sectional Sofa

An oversized or chaise sofa can help you take up space in a large room. However, you will find that a sectional sofa is the most effective at using space and providing seating. You can find U-shaped models that look like three equal-sized couches have been brought together. This design is perfect for a large space because you can use it and maximize seating capacity.

Coffee Table

While shopping for a sectional sofa, you will also want to look at coffee tables. Going through this process together is important to pick a table that meshes well with your sofa choice.

Once you find a sofa you are interested in, you can gather the exact dimensions to determine how much space you will have within the U-shaped area. Then, you can look for a coffee table that leaves a foot or two of space around the perimeter to help with maneuverability.

Sofa Table

Another strategic furniture purchase is a sofa table. Putting this piece directly behind the sofa is ideal. A large sectional sofa allows you to pick up an oversized table. Some sofa table designs prioritize storage with cabinets and drawers underneath the tabletop. You will also find ones with empty space underneath to make it easy to add a bench or barstools for sitting.

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