Three Bed Options For A Coastal-Style Bedroom

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A coastal-style bedroom evokes feelings of being by the water, typically featuring white and blue colors, linen drapes, and perhaps even marine-inspired decor pieces. If you're finishing the primary bedroom at your cottage, lake house, or home in this style, you'll want to ensure that you choose furniture that suits this vibe. The bed will be the biggest piece of furniture in the room, thus making it an important focal point. Your local furniture store has several different beds that can work well in a coastal-style bedroom, including these types.

Barn Board 

One good bed option to consider for your coastal-style bedroom is one that is made of wood that looks like barn board. These beds are highly popular, making them easy to find in virtually every furniture store. In this environment, the bed won't cause you to think of a barn, though. Instead, it will likely make you think of driftwood, given that both types of wood have a gray, worn appearance. You might even have a piece of driftwood in the room as a decorative piece. If so, adding a barn board bed that has a similar color can work well to support the coastal theme.


Another type of bed that you might wish to consider for a coastal-style bedroom is one that is made of rattan. This natural material is light in both color and weight and is often used in outdoor furniture. When you have your bedroom windows open and there's a pleasant breeze blowing through the room on a sunny day, seeing a rattan bed in the room can almost make it feel as though you're in an outdoor space. This can especially be true if you have a patio or deck off the primary bedroom that uses rattan outdoor furniture.

Canopy Bed

Canopy beds can work well with all sorts of different room themes, but can definitely be a good fit in a coastal-style room. You'll want to use a white canopy on this bed, as the white ties in well with the coastal look — perhaps because it conjures up thoughts of the sail on a sailboat. If your dwelling is situated close to the water, there's something special about lying in a canopy bed with the windows open, and feeling the breeze while the canopy gently flutters around you. Visit the bedroom section of a local furniture store to check out these three different bed styles.

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