3 Everyday Uses For Split Base Adjustable Mattresses For Couples

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As a couple, you have a lot of decisions to make when you shop for a new mattress. An adjustable mattress comes with a lot of features and you can set even more features when you decide to purchase a split-base adjustable mattress. A split-based mattress can adjust on each side and couples will find a lot of uses with the split base.

Learn about some of the everyday uses and ways you can take advantage of a Tempurpedic mattress as a couple.

1. Reading

If your sleeping hours vary, then you can adjust the mattress to fit different needs. For example, you may like to read in bed for a little extra while your partner sleeps. While your partner lays flat, you can adjust your mattress upwards to get some reading done in a comfortable position. With the split settings, no one needs to have discomfort as sleep times vary.

2. Breakfast In Bed

If you enjoy making a romantic breakfast in bed for your partner, then consider the benefits of a split base mattress. As you serve your partner breakfast, they can adjust the mattress to sit up and enjoy the meal. You can make breakfast in bed a new tradition for you and your partner.

With the ability to sit up, you and your partner can eat more comfortably in bed. The support and firmness of the bed can change as well. For example, you could purchase a Tempurpedic mattress bed with firmness adjustments. When you increase the firmness, you and your partner will have more support while you eat.

3. Sleep Issues

When a couple sleeps together, things like snoring can make a big impact on the sleep of a partner. With a split base mattress, one partner can raise their head up to prevent snoring. The decreased snoring can cause fewer sleep disruptions. The person who snores can also sleep better and more comfortably.

Once you purchase a split base mattress, you can figure out which angles work best to prevent snoring. For example, one person may sleep better flat while another person may sleep better with their legs or head slightly raised.

Many mattress companies will let you try out a mattress first before you commit to the full purchase. See how a split base mattress can completely transform your sleep experience and learn different ways to change your everyday mattress use as a couple.

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