The Finishing Touch: Using Wall Décor To Complete Your Interior Design

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The walls are painted, the flooring has been laid, and you found the most amazing furniture to match your color palette. All you need to do is add the finishing touches, which usually means wall décor and accent pieces. Understanding the role of wall décor will help you select the best pieces for your home.  

Use wall décor to enhance a room

Wall décor can be lavish or simple depending upon your design style. For instance, a cottage-themed room with distressed furniture will be complemented well by wall décor like picture frames in a distressed finish to match the furniture. A large, framed picture of a vase of flowers on a single wall may be all you need to give the room a finished appearance. 

For a Victorian room, choose wall décor with a lot of ornamentation to match the Victorian design style. Look for wall décor with curved edges— such as a wall clock, candle sconces, or mirrors—to enhance the lavish look of Victorian decorating.

Use wall décor to create a focal point

Do you want to show off a great-looking sectional sofa in the living room or highlight a rustic bed in the master bedroom? Wall décor can draw attention to a specific section of a room. Wall décor should look organized rather than cluttered.

Create a rustic focal point by using antlers, thick wooden shelves, and a grapevine wreath in a wall grouping behind a rustic bed. In a contemporary room, you may want to hang a piece of modern art with some simple hexagon mirrors behind a sectional sofa to grab attention. Show off your favorite accent chair in a coastal-themed living room by creating a collage of beach décor, such as boat anchors, a fishing net, seashell artwork, and lanterns on the wall next to the chair.

Use wall décor to create color

It is not uncommon to get a room designed only to find it looks a little bland and needs some color. Even neutral rooms can benefit from subtle shades of color to enhance the natural undertones of the gray, beige, or off-white hues that make up the neutral decorating palette. Simply using décor in a neutral tone darker than existing furniture and wall colors can be beneficial.

Adding the finishing touches to a room may be the most fun part of designing a room. Wall décor can also be helpful for adding color or dimension to the room. Once the bigger projects are completed you can use accent pieces and wall décor to bring closure to the design theme in any room of your home.

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