Three Ways To Install A Floor Safe

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A floor safe can be an effective way to store your valuables, helping to keep them out of sight in the event of a break-in. Unlike certain other types of safes that an intruder might identify, it's hard to spot a floor safe. Not only do you conceal it in the floor, but you can also place one or more objects above it to make it more difficult to notice. This type of safe is possible to install in a number of different ways, each of which offers certain advantages.

If you're thinking about buying a floor safe, here are three ways to install it.

Encased In Concrete

Perhaps the most effective way to install a floor safe is to encase it in concrete. This is an approach that many people take when they're building a home. They'll be pouring concrete in multiple areas, including in the basement and garage. It's easy to block off an area before the concrete is poured that will hold the safe. You can then place the safe in this space and add wet concrete around the safe's perimeter to encase it. This process makes the safe nearly impossible for an intruder to remove. You can conceal the top of the safe in numerous ways, including putting a garage workbench over it.

Attached To The Joists

If you want an installation method that is a little simpler, attaching the safe to the joists in your floor is an open to consider. If you're replacing the flooring in one of your rooms, you'll have easy access to the subfloor and be able to cut an appropriate-sized hole in it. You can then lower the safe into the hole and, using brackets and bolts, secure it to the joists. If you're putting hardwood flooring in the room, you can have a section of hardwood that covers the top of the safe and is easy to remove. A popular option is to place an area rug or piece of furniture over the safe's location.

Placed In Sand

While the above two methods are the most popular way to conceal a floor safe, another option is to bury it in the sand beneath a deck or porch. The advantage of this location is that an intruder would be highly unlikely to look for a safe in these areas. While the safe would be a little challenging for you to access, this might not be an issue if you plan to place several items in the safe when you install it and do not need to retrieve the items in the near future. Keep these ideas in mind if you shop for a floor safe.

Reach out to a local safe retailer to learn more.

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